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New York City Assault Defense Lawyer

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An assault charge in New York City can have very serious consequences. Depending on the severity of the allegations and potential injuries involved, prosecutors often seek significant jail time and substantial restitution. Individuals accused may also be burdened by Orders of Protection and may be at risk for civil lawsuits either during or at the conclusion of a criminal case.

A person accused of assault requires an attorney who thinks big and understands all of the nuances and possibilities involved. Mr. Bederow has successfully prosecuted and defended numerous assault cases involving a vast array of circumstances, including many which involve self-defense. His clients have included bankers and traders, attorneys, police officers, college students and many others who have been accused of assault.

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We're Not Afraid to Take Your Case to Trial

New York City assault defense attorney Bederow has previous prosecutorial experience that is an asset in investigating, assessing witness' credibility, and analyzing the complexities of an assault case. Sometimes it is in a client's best interest to engage the prosecutor in negotiations or encourage the prosecutor to dismiss the case. When circumstances do not result in a favorable negotiation, or if they warrant a vigorous trial defense, the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. tries cases. Mr. Bederow has a stellar reputation as a leading New York criminal trial lawyer. An understanding of the unique details of your case enables us to provide you with experienced advice on the proper defense strategy with the highest probability of accomplishing your goals.

Defending Against Assault Claims in NYC

The charge against a given client depends on the facts of the assault, including whether a weapon was used, who the aggressor was, the severity of the injury, and the identity of the victim. In New York, assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. There are also different types of assault. Vehicular assault, for example, involves the use of a motor vehicle to cause injury. If the victim of the alleged assault was a family member, boyfriend, or girlfriend, it is considered domestic assault.

We defend clients charged with assault regardless of the severity or complexity of the facts. In a recent case, we successfully achieved dismissal of all charges against a client charged with felony assault.

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Case Results

  • Assault

    Represented a young marketing professional charged with felony assault for causing serious injury to a bodega owner. Negotiated a resolution which spared the client jail.

  • Assault

    Represented two young professionals who were falsely arrested for assault after an incident at a Manhattan nightclub. Assault charges were dismissed and sealed, and clients successfully sued NYC for false arrest.

  • Robbery

    Represented a college student indicted for a subway robbery. All charges were dismissed and sealed.

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