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New York Self-Defense Attorney

Self-defense (also known as "justification" in New York law) is a nuanced concept, knowledge of which is critical to the defense of any assault, homicide, or any other charge involving an injured or threatened person. Often, the use or threatened use of physical force is appropriate and a complete defense to criminal charges brought by prosecutors. Many cases alleged by prosecutors to be serious assault cases in fact should not be charged or should result in an acquittal as the result of a successful self-defense argument.

If you have been charged with assault or homicide, you may not be guilty of a crime, even if you were armed with a weapon, the other person was severely injured, and you were not harmed. A proper case analysis requires determination of several questions, including who the "initial aggressor" in the encounter was and whether the degree of force used was reasonable proportional to the perceived or actual threat.

Proven Success

Mr. Bederow has successfully utilized the defense of justification in several matters. He has gained favorable outcomes for clients by convincing prosecutors to dismiss cases on self-defense principles, successfully asserting the defense before grand juries, and successfully arguing self-defense at trials.

Examples of cases in which Mr. Bederow has gained favorable outcomes for clients by successfully arguing self-defense include:

  • Acquittal for a bank trader charged with fracturing the eye socket of a bouncer after a dispute at a Manhattan nightclub
  • Acquittal for opera singer charged with assaulting a doctor after a dispute at a Manhattan Trader Joe's store.
  • Dismissal of all charges for client who testified on his own behalf before a Manhattan grand jury after he was accused of slashing his attacker, which caused him serious physical injury

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Case Results

  • Charged with Possession of a Weapon for Making a “3D Prop Gun”

    A Broadway puppet maker charged with possession of a weapon for making a “3D prop gun” had all charges dismissed after we successfully demonstrated to the Manhattan DA that the item was not an operable firearm.

  • Embezzlement

    Represented bookkeeper investigated for theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from employer. Client avoided criminal charges.

  • DWI Acquittal

    Client acquitted of DWI after trial in Bronx where she was pulled over for speeding and registered a.08% reading on a breathalyzer.

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