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Gravity / Switchblade Knives

Gravity/Switchblade Knives

Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York City

Law-abiding citizens who carry tools or knives are sometimes arrested for criminal possession of a weapon. In many instances, the person is arrested for carrying a gravity knife or switchblade knife that is not actually illegal. Others might not have any idea that they may be committing a technical violation of the law. Oftentimes, the items alleged to be weapons are purchased at credible retailers, including reputable chains and Internet merchants.

Mr. Bederow is a New York City criminal defense attorney who, during more than 15 years of experience, has defended many law-abiding people who have found themselves accused of a crime in the above-described circumstances. He has successfully negotiated dismissals with prosecutors and drafted complex motions to dismiss charges for the failure to allege a crime and for the interest of justice. Because of his reputation as a skilled trial attorney and his willingness to try a case if it is in the best interest of a client, prosecutors recognize that he will do so if necessary.

Recent Cases

If you have been arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, contact Mr. Bederow today to discuss representation. He can assess your situation and inform you of your options for challenging your charges.

Some of our recent successes include:

  • Dismissal of all charges against an advertising executive erroneously charged with possession of a switchblade
  • Dismissal of charges against a chef arrested for possession of a gravity knife, which he used as a work tool
  • Dismissal of charges against a contractor for possession of a gravity knife, which he used as part of his job

If you have been arrested for possession of a gravity knife or a switchblade, Mr. Bederow may be able to help you successfully contest your charges. Call the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. to retain excellent defense in your case!
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