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Mail and Wire Fraud

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud

White Collar Crime Lawyer in New York City

Mail fraud and wire fraud are among the types of federal white collar crimes that have earned the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. a reputation for exceptional defense. Mr. Bederow has succeeded at reaching positive outcomes for clients facing serious and often complex federal charges in New York City and throughout New York State.

Federal prosecutors often tack on mail and wire fraud crimes to other fraud charges. Almost any fraudulent act — from bankruptcy fraud to tax fraud — can result in an additional mail or wire fraud charge. In fact, by simply using the United States Postal Service to mail something the government views as part of the alleged fraudulent conduct, they can add on the charge of mail fraud. The same is true if you used the telephone or email in a process the government has determined constitutes any form of fraud.

Mail fraud

Fraud through the mail is a common white-collar offense. This fraud, which is laid out in federal laws, involves a method to defraud someone of property or money via the United States Postal Service or a different mail carrier. For example, mail fraud could involve "selling" property that does not exist to a person in another jurisdiction (outside the state) through the mail. This might be common with online purchases, for example.

Wire fraud

Fraud through a wire is another common federal offense. This federal activity involves fraud executed through the use of a wire. For instance, this could include the radio or telephones. This crime is easier to execute because it is relatively comprehensive and can involve many different mediums.

Mail or wire fraud charges can result in serious penalties, including but not limited to:

  • Prison sentence
  • Heavy fines
  • Criminal record that can prevent future job or educational opportunities

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The Underlying Fraud Charge

Mail and wire fraud are white collar criminal offenses that can lead to serious consequences. In many cases, our best defense strategy involves attempting to separate the mail or wire fraud charges from the accusation of fraud. Seeking dismissal of the mail or wire fraud permits Mr. Bederow to focus his energy on defending against the original underlying fraud allegation.

If you are facing a charge of mail or wire fraud in New York City, contact Mr. Bederow today.

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