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Our Successes

Our Successes

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Felony Assault Indictment Dismissed


A felony assault indictment in Staten Island was dismissed after we did our own investigation and presented conclusive proof that two witnesses perjured themselves and fabricated the allegations against our client.

Dismissal on all charges


Obtained dismissal all charges for client accused of felony DWI after presenting the Brooklyn District Attorney with proof that client's medical condition and medication contributed to a false positive breathalyzer reading.

Dismissal of Indictment

Case Dismissed - 3/24/2015

NYPD detecitve indicted for 5 counts of perjury and related offenses. After extensive and complex motion practice, the Court dismissed the indictment in its entirety against the client.

Dismissal of Murder Indictment


The Brooklyn district attorney charged a former supervising FBI special agent with four counts of murder based on a theory he had provided information to a well-known Mafia informant that resulted in the murders. After discrediting a key witness for the prosecution on cross-examination, the court dismissed the case in the middle of the trial. This case was covered by media outlets internationally.

Sexual/Child Abuse Charges Dismissed


An acclaimed international artist faced charges of sexually assaulting a child. Defense counsel demonstrated that the child's mother had fabricated the allegations, and the charges against the artist were dismissed.


Someone attempted to blackmail a New York Times best-selling author, threatening release of potentially embarrassing private information if the author did not pay the demand. The case was resolved with no money paid and no private information released.

Medicare Fraud

In a multi-defendant case of Medicare fraud where multiple medical professionals were indicted, our chiropractor client was the only licensed professional to avoid incarceration.

Acquittal of DWI Charges


After police observed speeding, administered breath and field sobriety tests, a client was charged with DWI in the Bronx. A trial resulted in acquittal on all charges.