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In 2008 a person with whom I had a disagreement accused me of a crime. The accusation was baseless with many inconsistencies, but nonetheless I was arrested and locked up in lower Manhattan for 36 hours before appearing before a judge and being released. The next several months became a waking nightmare. With no evidence against me save a written statement containing numerous contradictions, I expected to see the prosecution's star witness discredited at the first hearing and have the case thrown out. Instead I watched an overly zealous assistant district attorney run circles around two separate defense attorneys at multiple hearings. I sat helpless as opportunities to articulate my position were squandered and was subsequently arrested two more times based on additional accusations by the plaintiff. Completely discouraged I reached out to a trusted family friend who without hesitation suggested I call Mark Bederow. From my first conversation with Mark I had renewed faith that I could beat the case against me. Mark agreed based on evidence before the court that the charges were without merit and he went to work straightaway shutting down the DA’s double talk and bully tactics. At our first appearance I stood next to Mark as he articulated my version of events and for the first time since the ordeal had begun I believed I was being heard. The clarity of Mark’s presentation appeared to resonate with judge and I am certain that things began turning my way at that moment. During our second appearance Mark brought additional clarity, exposing several contradictions by the plaintiff in written and sworn statements. This rattled the prosecution and the judge began to openly question the accuser's version of what happened. During our final appearance, the charges were dismissed and the damaged credibility of the plaintiff put me in a powerful position to negotiate a settlement of our joint interests. Mark did more than win my case. He gave me confidence from the beginning that he would do everything in his power to insure a reasonable outcome. Simply knowing I had a skilled, tireless and professional advocate was enough to reduce the stress I had been battling over the preceding months and enabled me to get refocused on other parts of my life. I have recommended Mark to several people over the years and have heard nothing but praise similar to my own.

My Life Wouldn't Be The Same Without Mark

It would take me all day to type all the great things I could say about Mark and what he did for me. In short, his experience, and professionalism is top notch. Mark believed in me and helped me when I could of been at a bad time in my life. I learned very quickly that he was definitely on top of his game as did all involved with my circumstances. Mark through all of his experience and professionalism walked me out of court better than most would of imagined. I not only endorse and highly recommend Mark but I'm forever grateful.

Mark was brilliant from every standpoint!

My name is Jonathan and I had the pleasure of having Mark Bederow represent me in what was an intense gun case, in which I faced up to 3 1/2 years behind bars. Mark spent much time with me either by phone or in person. He quickly became more then just my Attorney but someone I still call a great friend. With Mark beside me I felt comfort ,trust and gained strength from how he delivered a powerful argument and why I was not this Felon that the prosecutor was trying desperately to convince the jury. He stood and said with passion ,"Facts Can Be A Stubborn Thing "! After the jury members deliberated, they acquitted with in 30 minutes. Mark was brilliant from every standpoint! My Attorney ,my Friend, Thank you so much!!!!!!!

'Dig-in-your-heels' defense attorney

Mark Bederow is an excellent, 'dig-in-your-heels' defense attorney: his assessment of the case is spot-on; his knowledge of the issues drives strategy at all times; his upfront communication style -- whether with the client or adversary -- pulls no punches, yet gets the point across every time; and his management of the courtroom environment instills maximum client confidence. He's a great guy as well. No one really wants to need a defense attorney, but I would recommend him in a heartbeat if you do.

I am pleased to recommend Mark as a defense attorney

I am pleased to recommend Mark as a defense attorney. Although I clearly would have preferred never to have needed his services, I did need them and he did a fantastic job representing me. Mark is a smart, thorough, passionate lawyer and a likable guy, too. He's exactly the person you want by your side in court.

Thoughtful Attorney

Mark is a thoughtful, careful attorney. He cares more than simply about the case; which he handles with great skill. He also cares about the personal effect legal action has upon his client. He has been a very positive influence for my son.

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  • Charged with Possession of a Weapon for Making a “3D Prop Gun”

    A Broadway puppet maker charged with possession of a weapon for making a “3D prop gun” had all charges dismissed after we successfully demonstrated to the Manhattan DA that the item was not an operable firearm.

  • Embezzlement

    Represented bookkeeper investigated for theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from employer. Client avoided criminal charges.

  • DWI Acquittal

    Client acquitted of DWI after trial in Bronx where she was pulled over for speeding and registered a.08% reading on a breathalyzer.

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