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  • Negotiated a Non-Jail Misdemeanor

    Negotiated a non-jail, non-violent misdemeanor disposition for a client indicted for serious assault, robbery and burglary charges for which he faced decades in prison. Result was reached after we presented DA with proof of unreliability of complaining witness.

  • Non-criminal Infraction

    Gained a non-criminal, non VTL infraction for an off-duty NYPD officer who registered a BAC over.08% and where police recovered an open container in his car.

  • Dismissal of Firearms Charges

    Dismissal and sealing of all weapons charges against a Montana businessman who sought to follow proper procedure and check a loaded firearm at La Guardia Airport.

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New York City Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending Criminal Charges in NYC

Attorney Mark Bederow - NYC criminal defense lawyerMark Bederow is a New York criminal defense attorney and former Manhattan prosecutor with more than 15 years of experience. He is known as a zealous and strategic advocate who works tirelessly to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients, whether that includes skillful negotiation or vigorously defending a client's rights at trial.

The Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. provides quality legal representation which is uniquely tailored to the circumstances and goals of each individual client. He practices in federal and state courts throughout New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island) and the surrounding area, including Nassau, Westchester, Orange, Rockland, and Dutchess Counties. When your future or freedom hangs in the balance, Mr. Bederow can provide the counsel needed to tip the scales of justice in your favor.

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Track Record of Success in New York

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Mr. Bederow is a nationally recognized New York City criminal defense attorney with a well-earned reputation as an intelligent, formidable advocate who provides top-notch legal representation in connection with serious, complex, and high-stakes criminal litigation. He has earned the respect of his colleagues and prosecutors for his professionalism, legal acumen, sound judgment, thorough investigative skills, and highly successful trial advocacy skills. In addition to frequently handling high-profile and sensitive matters, Mr. Bederow is often called upon by New York and national media outlets to provide legal analysis and commentary on other criminal cases of public interest.

As a comprehensive criminal defense firm, the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. has successfully represented individuals and business entities confronted with a variety of topics which are the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution. Our NYC criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Bederow, is experienced in defense of all traditional street crime (i.e., assault, domestic violence, sexual offenses, weapons offenses, and homicide) and white collar crime (i.e., fraud, larceny, identity theft, and bid rigging). Mr. Bederow communicates with clients regularly and encourages clients to be involved in all aspects of the representation in order to define and attain each client's goals.

Examples of Mr. Bederow's recent representations include:

  • Former New York City fireman was charged with 49 counts of rape and felony sexual abuse. Mr. Bederow successfully resolved the case with a plea to one count of harassment, a non-jail sentence, and without requiring the client to register as a sex offender.
  • An individual was charged in a complex, multi-defendant $4 million federal mortgage fraud case. Although federal sentencing guidelines called for lengthy imprisonment, Mr. Bederow successfully argued for a beneath-guidelines sentence of probation.
  • Successfully arranged for the dismissal of all robbery charges for an innocent client facing a life sentence. After being wrongfully incarcerated for one year, the client successfully sued New York City for $150,000.
  • A NYPD captain was charged with assault, but after our submission of lengthy motions to dismiss the case, all charges were dismissed and sealed by the court.
  • An individual faced more than a decade in prison due to a felony burglary, robbery, and assault indictment, but with successful negotiation, he obtained a dismissal of all felony charges which resulted in a non-jail plea to trespass.
  • A New York City teacher was falsely arrested for domestic violence. After conducting a successful investigation and presenting results to the prosecutor, all charges were dismissed.

Facing Weapons Charges in NYC?

Mr. Bederow is the leading New York criminal defense attorney for law-abiding people who accidentally find themselves ensnared in the clutches of New York's gun possession law, which is among the most severe in the United States. With few exceptions, conviction of possessing a loaded firearm in New York mandates a prison sentence of 3 1/2 years. Mr. Bederow has successfully represented numerous clients who have faced this terrifying predicament. With his vast experience and legal advice, Mr. Bederow has secured acquittals after jury trial, dismissals resulting from a grand jury refusing to indict, and negotiated dismissals with prosecutors. In many other circumstances, clients have successfully avoided criminal records and incarceration.

Some of his successes in this field include:

  • In a case which made national news, Mr. Bederow represented a Florida landscaper who faced 3 ½ years in prison for accidentally bringing a loaded firearm into New York. A Manhattan jury acquitted his client in less than thirty minutes.
  • A Florida musician faced 3 ½ years in state prison for accidentally bringing a loaded firearm into New York. The client testified before a Queens grand jury, which dismissed the charges.
  • A Montana businessman checked a loaded firearm at La Guardia Airport, and Mr. Bederow presented the Queens District Attorney with mitigating circumstances which led to the eventual dismissal and sealing of all charges.
  • An Iowa resident checked a firearm at La Guardia Airport, and Mr. Bederow presented the Queens District Attorney with mitigating circumstances which led to the eventual dismissal and sealing of all charges.
  • A New York cab driver was indicted for possession of a firearm left in his vehicle but after negotiation, the Brooklyn District Attorney dismissed the indictment.
  • A California man checked a firearm at La Guardia Airport and the case resulted in a non-criminal, no jail outcome.
  • A Louisiana resident checked a firearm at La Guardia Airport and the case resulted in a non-criminal, no jail outcome.
  • In a case which made national news, Mr. Bederow represented a former Marine who brought a loaded .45 to the Empire State Building. The client avoided felony charges and received a non-jail disposition.
  • An advertising executive was charged with possession of a switchblade knife. After filing a lengthy motion to dismiss in the interest of justice, the Brooklyn District Attorney dismissed the case.

Assault and Self-Defense

Mr. Bederow has successfully defended several clients against assault charges. On many occasions, he successfully advanced the often-misunderstood and complicated defense of justification (self-defense). His experience as a NYC criminal defense attorney, adept analytical skills, and understanding of the nuances of self-defense law have resulted in acquittals after trial, dismissal of serious felony charges before the grand jury, and dismissal of cases by prosecutors after presenting them with credible facts supporting a complete defense.

Examples of Mr. Bederow's representations in this field include:

  • Gained acquittal after trial for a financial executive charged with fracturing the eye socket of a bouncer at a Manhattan nightclub.
  • Obtained a trial acquittal in less than 15 minutes for an opera singer accused of slapping a doctor after a dispute at a Manhattan Trader Joe's store.
  • The grand jury dismissed all charges against a client who testified before a Manhattan jury after being charged with 1st Degree assault for defending himself against his assailant with a box cutter.

Wrongful Convictions

One of the most significant trends in criminal law has been the realization that many convicted people are actually innocent or were wrongfully convicted. This area of the law has gained prominence in large part because of an ongoing crisis in Brooklyn which has seen many innocent persons released from prison after years because of wrongful convictions. Prosecutors' offices have become more sensitive to this fact and have formed mechanisms to review genuine claims of innocence or constitutionally unfair convictions.

The Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. represents clients seeking to overturn criminal convictions through post-conviction litigation or by petitioning prosecutors' conviction integrity / review units. Having experienced, intelligent, and thorough counsel who is experienced in investigation is critical. Our New York City criminal defense lawyer works with experienced and talented investigators who were former NYPD homicide detectives or FBI agents while re-investigating wrongful conviction claims.

Examples of Mr. Bederow's representations in this field include:

  • Representation of John Giuca, who in 2005 was wrongfully convicted in the "Grid Kid" murder case, one of the most-high profile New York City murder prosecutions from in the past several decades. A review of his conviction is currently pending with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office.
  • Representation of Ronald Bozeman, who was wrongfully arrested and incarcerated for one year. After being retained, Mr. Bederow conducted a complete investigation which demonstrated his innocence and he was released from custody and all charges dismissed. Our re-investigation of Mr. Bozeman's case was the lead story in a 2013 Village Voice expose about serious misconduct in the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, and served as a major issue in the 2013 race for Brooklyn District Attorney.
  • We are presently re-investigating a wrongful conviction of a client convicted of murder in Brooklyn.

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