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Attorney Bederow Featured on The Security Brief for John Giuca Defense Case

The Security Brief is a popular daytime talk show that discusses some of the most intriguing and unique criminal cases, both former and current. One such case has been taken up by Attorney Mark A. Bederow – the John Giuca alleged murder case. Mr. Bederow was recently featured on The Security Brief to talk about some of the keynote aspects of this ongoing case and story.

John Giuca Case

John Giuca was convicted years ago for a murder of an acquaintance, whose body was found three blocks from John’s home. Since the conviction was based only on three questionable testimonies and no material evidence, John’s mother felt that the trial may have been corrupted or tainted, specifically by a dishonest juror. Going to lengths that no one could believe, she went undercover, wore a wire, and formed a relationship with the juror in question. You will be shocked by some of the conversations she managed to capture on tape.

Get the Full Story on The Security Brief

This case that Mr. Bederow is handling is truly one-of-a-kind and unexpectedly complicated. If you want to get the full story, you should view the full episode of The Security Brief that featured Attorney Bederow. 

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