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Domestic Violence

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If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is imperative that you secure the immediate representation of the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. Domestic violence is defined as incidents between family members, spouses, and individuals who live together or have been intimate with each other. Allegations of this offense are treated extremely seriously by law enforcement and New York prosecutors. It would be within your best interests to secure supportive assistance from our criminal defense attorney in New York City.

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Charges that may fall under domestic violence include assault, child abuse, sexual assault, harassment, and criminal contempt. Allegations of domestic violence must be carefully scrutinized by a defense counsel due to the fact that these cases often arise out of emotional circumstances. Defense of domestic violence charges require tactful advocacy and careful investigation. Contact our New York City domestic violence attorney for guidance.

How a Conviction Can Affect You

Man behind bars - Domestic Violence LawyerIn certain circumstances, a vigorous defense at trial is not only required but the best course of action. Put simply, cases involving family members probably have a higher rate of fabrication than any other type of case. Therefore, it is critical to have a knowledgeable and experienced counsel on your side when you face these serious charges.

The consequences of a domestic violence arrest or conviction can be severe. Not only might you face jail time, but you will likely be subjected to an order of protection restricting your ability to be around the alleged victim. You may face negative collateral consequences, such as having the arrest used against you in divorce proceedings or in custody disputes involving children. You may also face personal and professional consequences, which result from the negative stigma of being brandished "an abuser."

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Defense of domestic violence cases require a counsel who understands how to assess the strength of a case, a counsel who is capable of conducting a thorough investigation, and a counsel who, if necessary, is a skilled trial attorney (particularly in the area of cross-examination). Mr. Bederow successfully prosecuted domestic violence cases while he was a Manhattan prosecutor, and he has successfully defended such cases as a New York City domestic violence attorney. He has successfully tried domestic violence cases before juries both as a prosecutor and in private practice. If you believe you might be arrested for domestic violence, or if you have been arrested, call the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. to discuss your situation.

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Examples of some of Mr. Bederow's successes include the following:

  • He secured an acquittal after a trial in Manhattan for a banking executive accused of sexually assaulting and beating his girlfriend.
  • He gained a dismissal of all charges against an NYPD Captain accused of assaulting his wife.
  • Mr. Bederow represented a nurse who was arrested for felony child abuse in Queens for allegedly striking her daughter with a belt and electrical cord. After extensive negotiation, all charges were dismissed and sealed.
  • He obtained a dismissal and sealing of all charges against a New York City teacher who was falsely accused of assaulting his girlfriend. Mr. Bederow presented investigative findings, which exposed the lack of credibility of the complaining witness to the Manhattan District Attorney, who allowed the case to be dismissed and sealed.
  • He gained a dismissal and sealing of all charges against a movie cameraman who was falsely accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend. After Mr. Bederow presented findings to the Manhattan District Attorney that proved the complaining witness was lying, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the case.
  • Mr. Bederow secured a dismissal and sealing of all charges on two separate criminal complaints about a client who was falsely accused of assaulting her boyfriend.
  • He obtained a dismissal and sealing of all charges against a business owner who was accused of assaulting his wife. The allegations were made during a pending divorce.
  • He obtained a dismissal of all charges against a financial executive and public figure accused of assaulting his wife and trespassing in Westchester County. These allegations were made during a contentious divorce proceeding.
  • He secured a dismissal and sealing of all charges against a New York City employee accused of assaulting his girlfriend. After we presented findings that proved the complaining witness was lying, the Bronx District Attorney moved to dismiss the case.
  • He represented a student who was accused of burglary and assault for allegedly breaking into his girlfriend's apartment and assaulting another man. After presenting the Manhattan District Attorney with findings that proved the complaining witness was not a credible witness, the case was resolved with a non-criminal disposition.

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Case Results

  • Charged with Possession of a Weapon for Making a “3D Prop Gun”

    A Broadway puppet maker charged with possession of a weapon for making a “3D prop gun” had all charges dismissed after we successfully demonstrated to the Manhattan DA that the item was not an operable firearm.

  • Fraud

    Represented a Big 4 accounting firm in a federal criminal investigation of an employee for contract procurement fraud.

  • Dismissal of Indictment

    NYPD detecitve indicted for 5 counts of perjury and related offenses. After extensive and complex motion practice, the Court dismissed the indictment in its entirety against the client.

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