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Drug Crimes

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If you or someone you know has recently been arrested for or charged with a drug crime, it would be within your best interests to secure the immediate representation of the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C., Our New York City criminal defense attorney: Mr. Bederow is well-known for his trial skills, particularly his ability to cross-examine witnesses who, in drug cases, are primarily law enforcement officers who are experienced in providing witness testimony. He helps individuals with substance abuse problems, seek effective treatment programs in order to improve their health and, where appropriate, possibly minimize their potential criminal exposure.

Understand Potential Penalties

Controlled substance offenses are among the most common federal and state criminal charges in New York. Depending on the type of substance and the amount involved, you may face:

  • Years in state prison
  • Significant reputational damage
  • The possibility of negative professional consequences

Depending on the amount of drugs involved, what type of substance they were and if there are any other aggravating factors, there could be additional penalties as well.

Why work with Attorney Bederow?

More than any other type of case, drug cases implicate clients' Constitutional right to be free from illegal search and seizures. As a former Manhattan prosecutor, Mr. Bederow has handled hundreds of felony and misdemeanor drug cases.

He has vast experience with the legal issues that are often present in these cases and may severely weaken, or even destroy, the prosecution's case. He has conducted several pre-trial hearings, addressing the legality of police encounters, which have resulted in the seizure of drugs. His prosecutorial background also gives him experience in the practices and techniques utilized by law enforcement and prosecutors in investigating and prosecuting drug offenses.

Drug Crime Cases Handled by Mr. Bederow

In addition to handling street-level drug possession and sale cases, our New York City drug crime lawyer has also represented clients in more complex, large-scale international drug distribution cases. He has represented pharmacists who were accused of diversion of prescription medication. He has also represented clients in federal investigations and prosecutions involving online pharmacies and misbranding of pharmaceuticals.

Some of Mr. Bederow's past representations include the following:

  • He represented a pharmacist charged with several felonies for diversion of controlled substances. The client made a written confession before engaging with Mr. Bederow's firm. After extensive negotiations, the client received a favorable outcome and avoided jail.
  • He represented a Brooklyn pharmacy in connection with an investigation into criminal diversion and the unauthorized distribution of steroids to professional athletes and law enforcement officers, among others. The client avoided criminal charges and civil penalties.
  • He represented several clients charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. Each case resulted in the dismissal of all charges or non-criminal dispositions.
  • He obtained a dismissal of all charges against a college student charged with felony possession of heroin with intent to distribute. This case result was achieved after the client successfully completed a private drug program.
  • He represented a law student who received shipments of non-prescribed Adderall in a multi-state investigation. The client avoided criminal charges.
  • He provided representation for a student charged in multiple cases with possession and sale of oxycodone and illegal possession of prescription pads. After the client completed an intense drug treatment program, the individual received a non-criminal disposition.

You Cannot Afford To Plead Guilty

Man in suit offering a handshakeWhether you are facing misdemeanor drug possession charges or complex felony sale of narcotics charges, the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. can provide you with experienced and effective legal representation. If you are facing drug charges and are in need of counsel, please contact Mr. Bederow as soon as possible to receive the personalized legal solutions that you need and the supportive assistance that you deserve.

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Case Results

  • Drug Possession and Forgery

    Represented student accused of possessing large quantity of oxycodone and forgery. Successfully negotiated a non-criminal resolution.

  • Drug Distribution

    Represented a recent college graduate investigated for shipping several packages of Adderall through UPS. Client avoided prosecution.

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

    Represented student arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Successfully negotiated a non-criminal outcome.

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