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Forfeiture Lawyers in NYC

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When the New York state or federal government believes that certain property has been used in the commission of a crime or was obtained from the proceeds of a crime, they can seize that property. Seized property is frequently believed to be the result of drug crimes or certain white collar crimes. A civil forfeiture action determines whether you can reclaim your property or have lost possession of it to the government forever.

Seized property can often include, but is not limited to:

  • Vehicles
  • Homes
  • Boats
  • Bank accounts
  • Personal items

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Based on the unique facts of your criminal case, our New York City criminal defense attorney will develop a plan of the best way to approach the possible recovery of your asset(s). In addition to the legal arguments we craft, we will present evidence on your behalf. When appropriate, we will retain the services of forensic accountants and other specialists whose efforts may aid our ability to separate the seized property from criminal activity and for your best interest.

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Case Results

  • Embezzlement

    Represented bookkeeper investigated for theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from employer. Client avoided criminal charges.

  • DWI Acquittal

    Client acquitted of DWI after trial in Bronx where she was pulled over for speeding and registered a.08% reading on a breathalyzer.

  • Dismissal of Murder Indictment

    Mid-trial dismissal of all murder charges brought by Brooklyn DA against a former FBI supervisor accused of providing a notorious Mafia informant classified information which he used to murder four people.

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