When many think of white-collar crime, they often envision gangsters, the mob, crime rings and other organized offenses. Much of this imagery comes from the movies, as Hollywood has made cinematic efforts to depict some of the most notorious and notable mafia and mob prosecutions of all time. However, such hyped stereotypes are not the only examples of white-collar crime. In fact, white-collar crime can involve very inconspicuous transactions.

White-collar crime is prosecuted through federal laws or New York's legal system. Prosecutors are quick to punish white-collar offenders and do not hesitate to impose significant penalties, including hefty fines and ample time behind bars.

While authorities remain aggressive in pursuing offenders of white-collar crime, it is not hard for a person to be unintentionally brought into in a scheme and be unaware of the criminal repercussions. For those accused of a white-collar crime, it is helpful to retain a qualified New York City white collar crime lawyer who can challenge any allegations.

Again, white-collar crime charges derive from both state and federal laws. As a New York resident, it is helpful to be familiar with both.

A conviction could result in egregious repercussions for a person or company. Many offenders are slapped with decades behind bars and impossible fines. If you or your business faces charges for a white-collar offense, do not think twice about contacting a legal professional. New York state and the federal government will stop at nothing to pursue suspected offenders. A professional white-collar crime attorney in New York City can help you assess your potential options.

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New York City Defense for White Collar Criminal Cases

In general, white collar crimes involve non-violent cases, often dealing with money theft, general fraud, and social scams. Consequences for a white collar crime conviction include jail time, fines, and more. Depending on the terms of your crime or the results of an accusation, you might be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Types of white collar crimes include, but are not limited to:

Ultimately, these schemes make up the most common federal offenses; however, there are several other types of federal white-collar crimes. Again, many offenses overlap in nature and are chargeable under both state and federal laws. Many methods involve several defendants and a number of different criminal elements. For this reason, it helps to have legal assistance when facing such accusations.

Our firm works hard to either lift charges or reduce your sentence, defending your rights through each legal proceeding. As white collar crimes can involve a number of different types of offenses, it is best to contact our firm to see how we can help you.

Our New York City criminal defense attorney has successfully defended countless cases, working to produce evidence and build defenses that can give you an increased chance at a successful conclusion to your case.