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Medicare Fraud

Defending Medicare Fraud Charges in New York City

The Experience Behind the New York City Firm

Mr. Bederow is experienced in handling cases involving high-profile criminal matters. He possesses particular proficiency handling cases involving charges of white collar crime, such as Medicare fraud. Mr. Bederow's skill in this area is the result of extensive criminal defense experience through his current position and his former position as a prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

The Investigation Process

State and federal government agencies have increased the resources available to investigate Medicare fraud. Investigating authorities will arrive at the location where they expect the fraud to have occurred, or where records of the fraud are kept, and leave with anything they believe is relevant. This includes medical records, files, and computers.

Knowing how to respond to a Medicare fraud investigation or defend against an allegation is daunting without a lawyer's guidance. At the Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C., we have defended home health care providers, hospitals, private nurses, and doctors facing Medicare fraud allegations, as well as individuals who have allowed someone else to use their Medicare card.

Types of Medicare Fraud

Actions that involve wrongfully accessing payments from the Medicare system often constitute fraud. Some of the more common forms of Medicare fraud involve:

  • Billing Medicare for services that were not rendered
  • Self-referrals
  • Patient kickbacks
  • Inflating bills with unnecessary services
  • Unbundling services

Government agencies have begun aggressively pursuing entities they suspect of perpetrating Medicare fraud. Their investigative methods can be disruptive personally and to businesses. If you are under investigation or facing charges for Medicare fraud in New York City, contact our firm at (212) 256-9491. Mr. Bederow can guide you through the investigation and develop a defensive plan.

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