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Tax Fraud

New York City Tax Fraud Charges

Defending Potential Fraudulent Cases

Mr. Bederow has the experience and resources to provide a strong defense against the aggressive tactics faced by clients under investigation by tax officials. The Law Office of Mark A. Bederow, P.C. understands the need for reliable representation if you have been charged with a white collar crime such as tax fraud. We work to keep your mind at ease as we pursue the favorable result you need.

Tax fraud can result from:

  • An individual's failure or refusal to pay personal income tax
  • Lying on tax return forms
  • Falsifying documentation to the IRS or state tax agency

It is common for mistakes to occur in the completion of tax return forms, especially when individuals complete their taxes without professional help. Making a mistake does not mean you committed the crime of tax fraud. However, a lawyer experienced in distinguishing a mistake from fraud will know the steps required to present relevant evidence to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Tax Evasion Defense for Businesses

Tax fraud is sometimes referred to as tax evasion. A business may find itself facing allegations of tax fraud as a result of an investigation on a completely different matter. Incomplete or false financial documents could raise issues of tax fraud, as could an investigation suggesting cash payments to employees to avoid tax consequences.

Any inaccuracy knowingly included in a tax filing could leave a business facing the penalties for tax fraud in New York. In our experience, tax fraud charges can be avoided or resolved by a proactive approach and negotiating a repayment plan when appropriate.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or need help avoiding a tax fraud charge, contact us at (212) 256-9491 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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Case Results

  • Academic Fraud and Forgery

    Represented an academic administrator charged with several counts of academic fraud and forgery. Negotiated a sentence which spared client state prison sentence.

  • Credit Card Theft

    Represented an investment banker accused of stealing credit cards and thousands of dollars. All charges were dismissed and sealed.

  • Drug Distribution

    Represented owner of a Brooklyn pharmacy in connection with an investigation into distribution of steroids. Client avoided criminal charges.

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